Red and White Medicine Hat Mare
D.O.B.  April 27, 2006
Sire:  Foundation
Dam:  Matti (daughter of SD Martha & Chief)
Black - ee  Tobiano - TO/tO  Agouti - aa

Madison is a unique and exquisite mare.  She takes after her dam in confirmation and personality.  She is laid back, willing, and very loveable.  Her movement is snappy yet fluid.
Madison's has her share of silky feather, not to mention a double mane and a thick flowing tail.   With Madison's personality and tempermant, she tends to be a child's best friend and our babysitter for our young ones here on the farm.  There's nothing that this mare can't do and she'll has the body to back it up.
Madison's dam is Matti (pictured below), a 7 year old piebald mare,  who is sired by Chief and is out of the gorgeous mare Martha.  Madison's sire is unknown but is one of the stallions at SD Farm. 
Madison has foaled 2 beautiful fillies and one colt to date.  They are pictured below.  
Madison's Dam:  Matti
Madison's 2010 Filly, Patience
2011 Filly sired by Doc
R.J.  2012 Colt sired by Indigo out of Madison
Terri Yates
Summerfield, Florida
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