Terri Yates
Summerfield, Florida
This page was last updated: May 22, 2018

Indigo's Royal Force of Nature
Sire:  Indigo's Royal Knight
Dam:  Sweet Lil' Liza Jane
Black and White Tobiano with LP 
Pintaloosa Stallion Prospect
EE - Tt - LP/lp      PSSM1 Neg.
Outstanding SHOW and BREEDING quality colt.  Sired by none other than Indigo, first gypsy to attend USDF Finals in Kentucky.  Feathered Horse Classic Champion in Dressage, Halter, Amateur Halter, Performance and Overall Show Champion.   LP (appaloosa pattern trait) is icing on the cake with this young mans coat pattern, will be very unique.   His exquisite conformation allows his athleticism to shine through even at such a young age.   His personality is what we breed for, willing and sensible.   Feather in abundance along with a double mane and bi colored tail, this young colt lacks NOTHING !!!
Maveric's 4 sisters have all been retained for our breeding program, the only reason he is for sale is because he is the same bloodline.  Serious inquiries only.
Sire and Dam