2002 Black/White Spotted w/ Blanket Gypsy Stallion
Registration # GHA00359
Registration # GHRA
USDF & USEF Member

Indigo arrived on our farm in July 2005 as a strapping young 3 year old. We allowed him time to mature, be a stallion, live with his mares and raise his foals until the age of 5. 

He then spent 3 months with Scott Purdum in Maryland, a talented young natural horsemanship trainer where Indigo learned the basics of walk, trot, canter, etc. Indigo attended 2 expos with Scott as his rider and did exceptionally well.
Indigo then came home and went back to being a stallion until the age of 9.

In April of 2011, Heather Caudill of Olympus Sporthorses in Wildwood, FL came to our farm in Oxford, FL where she assessed Indigo for the discipline of Dressage. She felt he was an excellent prospect and so began his training in May 2011.

In just 3 short months Heather felt Indigo was ready to attend his first schooling dressage show and so he did, at Canterbury Equestrian Showplace. Competing against horses who were bred solely for dressage, Indigo went on to score exceptionally well and take home a 2nd and 1st place ribbon.

We then registered with the United States Dressage Federation and United States Equestrian Federation for the 2012 season.  He has gone on to finish Training Level, First Level and First Level Freestyle in his first 16 months of training.   Scoring very well, obtaining several 8's and even 9's, along with a top score of 83.167 in First Level Freestyle giving him high point for the entire USDF Show at Canterbury Equestrian Showplace in Newberry, FL.

Indigo is the first gypsy horse EVER to Triple Qualify for any USDF Regional Championship.  We attended the Region 3 Championship in Fairburn, GA.  Indigo went on to win Reserve Champion in Freestyle First Level.

Indigo continued his Second Level training in November 2013 with Eline Eckroth of Eckroth Dressage in Summerfield, FL.  During the 2014 USDF show season he continued to impress the judges scoring in the 60's and 70's in both First and Second Level.  Indigo QUAD Qualified for our Regions USDF Dressage Championship, held in Wellington, FL.  Eline and Indigo went on to place in the ribbons in both First Level Freestyle and Second Level Freestyle with qualifying scores high enough to attend US Dressage Finals in Lexington, KY.

We were honored to be able to attend US Dressage Finals thanks to the support of many gypsy owners and during our time there, Indigo placed 10th in Second Level Freestyle and with an impressive score of 68.333 in First Level Freestyle, placing them 8th out of 24.

In December 2014, Indigo will be traveling to Texas and will start his training with Megan Kenney Spiess, a gypsy owner and trainer.  They will be moving on to Third Level and showing in Region 9 in the 2015 show season. 

We feel it is very important that our horses have not only the qualities a gypsy should possess, such as hair, feather, personality, confirmation, etc., but they also have the talent to excel in a recognized discipline. Gypsy horses are extremely versatile horses and should be known for more than "just their beauty and hair". Our farm is dedicated to breeding "Quality Performance Gypsies".

In April 2016 Kelly McCarthy, while visiting Megan in Texas met Indigo and instantly fell in love with him, the feeling was mutual as Indigo took to her immediately.  I had not considered parting with him ever but what Kelly could offer was a one on one relationship which I was unable to give to him at that time.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever done but I agreed to let him go as I knew he had given me so much over the years and I had to give it back.  Indigo has been with Kelly ever since and to this day I know I made the right decisions. 

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Terri Yates
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