2002 Black/White Spotted w/ Blanket Gypsy Stallion
EE   -  LP/lp
Proven with 38 Offspring
Registration # GHA00359
Registration # GHRA
USDF & USEF Member

First and foremost I must say that we here at Gone Gypsy Farm were blessed to have the opportunity to share our lives with such a wonderful stallion.  Indigo was not only a dream to be around, he passed along his quiet demeanor to his offspring.  
Indigo's dam, Isabeau, is a piebald black and white mare, who stands 15H tall.

Indigo's lines, those of the app-spotted gypsies are as old as the breed itself, but are quite rare these days.  25-30 years ago, this coat pattern was not that uncommon, but it has died out because of the popularity of the pinto patterns in recent years.  
Indigo is obviously from one of these old lines.

Indigo stands 15H, and is athletically built.  His mane, tail, and feather are extremely heavy and thick.  He has a neck that is set just the way you want it, a gorgeous shoulder, show-ring legs, and a perfectly chiseled head.  He naturally collects himself while floating along the ground.   Indigo past dressage trainer were amazed at how willing, fluid, and accepting he was to new things.

On top of Indigo's natural athletic ability, his personality made him an asset to our breeding program.  He is well mannered, easy to handle, and responsive.  
Indigo has sired 38 foals to date.  23 gypsy fillies, 5 half gypsy fillies, 6 gypsy colts and 4 half gypsy colts. He is a very generous stallion, adding hair, feather, athleticism, and not to mention personalities that are kind, willing and gentle. 

To date Indigo has sired 38 foals.  
28 of them being FILLIES (72%)
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Terri Yates 
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